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Ferrovías Astur, s.a.

Ferrovías Astur, s.a., History

Ferrovías Astur, s.a. belongs to the Talleres Alegría business group, a company exclusively dedicated to manufacturing railway material and equipment. Even though part of our daily activity is centred on the design, manufacture and technical assistance regarding fixed track equipment, for conventional, metro, tram lines and high-speed lines, with the years we have also been able to gradually diversify our lines of railway business.
We currently have four specialised production centres thanks to this growth policy, in this way responding to the internal needs of the company and to the needs of our clients, while allowing us to ensure our continuity both in national and international markets.
The first piece of news regarding the history of Talleres Alegría comes from the start of the start of the 20th century in the year 1900. In the valley of Aboño, where it still has its corporate address and part of its activities, Bienvenido Alegría Cuervo, an entrepreneurial man with great knowledge on industrial metal processes, appreciating the opportunities of possible business with large companies in the surroundings (port, canning industries, railways and steelworks), founded a metal machining industry that soon specialised in just manufacturing railway equipment. The Talleres Alegría, S.A. trading company was constituted after the death of its founder in 1973, receiving the industrial heritage and the experience accumulated throughout the years, serving as a base to take on the future, constantly seeking to improve and excel.

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